Advancing Atrial Fibrillation Precision Medicine

Project: SFRN


  • Emelia J Benjamin (CD)


Our proposed AHA SFRN Center is entitled "Advancing Atrial Fibrillation Precision Medicine (AAFPM) Center." The AAFPM Center represents 3 interrelated translational projects submitted by a highly collaborative research team with an extraordinarily productive ten-year record of international leadership in atrial fibrillation (AF) research. The Basic Project will further our understanding of the genetic predisposition to AF in ethnic/racial minorities and the molecular underpinnings of top genetic risk loci. The Clinical Project will develop and implement a rational and personalized approach to AF risk estimation that can inform management decisions by combining clinical and genetic risk factors in patients with ischemic stroke. The Population Project will develop models for lifetime risk of AF based on clinical and genetic factors, and subsequently will examine the lifetime risk of complications in individuals with AF. The three projects together will advance our understanding of the genetic and environmental risks and burden of clinically recognized AF and unrecognized AF in the community. Furthermore, we propose to sponsor a Cross-Center AF SFRN Virtual Fellowship to accelerate synergy and collaborations across Centers and Disciplines to train the next generation of translational AF scientists and further the mission of the American Heart Association. Basic Project: Patrick Ellinor, MD, PhD - Genomics and Epigenetics of Atrial FibrillationClinical Project: Steven Lubitz, MD, MPH - Precision Medicine in Ischemic Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation (PreMISe-AF)Population Project: Ludovic Trinquart, PhD - Clinical and genetic prediction of lifetime risk of atrial fibrillation and its complications
Award amount$890,407.00
Award date07/01/2018
Program typeStrategically Focused Research Network
Award ID18SFRN34110082
Effective start/end date07/01/201806/30/2022