Comprehensive Assessment of Cardiac Anatomy and Function with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Project: Research


  • Nicholas Dwork (PI)


This fellowship proposes to develop a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning protocol that images the metabolic activity in the human heart by combining multiple hyperpolarized contrast agents. MRI with hyperpolarized 13C contrast agents is an emerging modality that allows for non-invasive metabolic imaging with non-toxic, non-radioactive agents and is being applied in human studies worldwide. In this project, the contrast agent will be a combined solution of [1,2-13C] pyruvate and 13C butyrate, which are processed by the carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolic pathways, respectively. Thus, information about multiple pathways are gathered simultaneously by the imagery and can be quantified, allowing for assessment of cardiac substrate selection that is altered at an early stage in heart failure, cardiomyopathies, and other heart diseases. The scanning protocol will be a modification of the SPectroscopic Imaging by exploiting spatiospectral CorrElation (SPICE) method, which generates high resolution metabolic imagery with the assumption of partial separability. The modification will use a set of separate scans for calibration, which will retain as much of the hyperpolarized signal as possible for imaging of the patient. When complete, the result will be a single comprehensive scan of the heart that assesses metabolism and anatomy without any ionizing radiation.
Award amount$128,080.00
Award date01/01/2020
Program typePostdoctoral Fellowship
Award ID20POST35200152
Effective start/end date01/01/202012/31/2021