Neural circuit mechanisms underlying functional recovery following stroke

Project: Research


  • Takashi Sato (PI)


Functional recovery from stroke is often incomplete, reducing patients' quality of life and leading to long-term disability. The goal of the proposed project is to unravel the circuit mechanisms underlying functional recovery after stroke. We will employ innovative approaches using state-of-the-art two-photon imaging techniques combined with optogenetic stimulation in mice. These approaches will allow us to monitor and manipulate the same neural circuits longitudinally. This, in turn, will identify the specific components of the neural circuits that play key roles in functional recovery. Furthermore, our approach will reveal how brain stimulation and drugs, both of which are known to facilitate functional recovery, modify the neural circuit. Thus, our proposed study will provide pivotal information on how we can manipulate cortical circuits to maximize functional recovery following stroke.
Award amount$200,000.00
Award date07/01/2019
Program typeInnovative Project Award
Award ID19IPLOI34760424
Effective start/end date07/01/201906/30/2021