Wearables In Reducing Risk and Enhancing Daily Life-style (WIRED-L)

Project: SFRN


  • Brahmajee Nallamothu (CD)


Use of smartphones and wearables for mobile health (mHealth) is growing rapidly. However, evidence supporting their use is limited with many studies showing poor user engagement and a mixed impact on outcomes. A major reason is that mHealth apps frequently fail to leverage rich digital data streams on user behavior (e.g., recent steps) and context (e.g., weather) in designing interventions. Just-in-time-adaptive-interventions (JITAIs) are novel approaches that account for such limitations, but these have been difficult to develop, deploy and evaluate in cardiovascular disease. The Wearables In Reducing risk and Enhancing Daily Life-style (WIRED-L) Center is designed to study JITAIs at scale across diverse conditions and populations. We focus initially on hypertension, a leading cause of disability and death, the predominate driver of cardiovascular race disparities, and a high priority for the AHA. We are committed to promoting health equity and believe our community-engaged approach combined with our innovative technology development will result in a scalable and sustainable program. We will build WIRED-L as a platform on an existing digital ecosystem along with our partnering institution, U-M Flint. WIRED-L will bring together multidisciplinary experts with a focus on reusability, such that others can test JITAIs on the WIRED-L platform, overcoming a major barrier in JITAIs science. Finally, WIRED-L will train a diverse and inclusive set of future leaders in mHealth through a highly integrated program that focuses on the key and complementary areas of clinical trials, data science, and health equity research. Center Director: Nallamothu (Cardiology); Training Director: Mukherjee (School of Public Health); Population Project PIs: Skolarus (Neurology), Newman (School of Information), Dorsch (College of Pharmacy)
Award amount$580,800.00
Award date04/01/2020
Program typeStrategically Focused Research Network
Award ID20SFRN35370008
Effective start/end date04/01/202003/31/2024