Wide Spectrum Investigation of Stroke Outcome Disparities on Multiple Levels (WISSDOM)

Project: SFRN


  • Robert J Adams (CD)


It is well known that stroke plagues African Americans in ways that are worse compared to white persons in terms of incidence and severity. Less appreciated is the fact that recovery from stroke is poor compared to whites. The reasons are not clear but simple access to rehabilitation does not explain the difference. This Center Proposal (WISSDOM-Wide spectrum Investigation of Stroke Outcome Disparities on Multiple Levels) brings together scientists from Regenerative Medicine, Neuroscience, and Nursing to target black-white disparity in stroke recovery using novel approaches to achieve a better understanding of this problem. Animal models used in new ways to mimic the high risk state, mapping of human brain connections ('connectome') in affected and unaffected parts of brain and home and community based study and intervention will be undertaken to find better ways to reduce the impact of stroke especially in African Americans.
Award amount$800,800.00
Award date07/01/2015
Program typeStrategically Focused Research Network
Award ID15SFDRN24480016
Effective start/end date07/01/201506/30/2019