Auburn University

City Auburn
State Alabama
  1. 14SDG20400015: Ang II-TLR4 crosstalk promotes microglia activation and blood brain barrier disruption in neurogenic hypertension

    Vinicia Campana Biancardi



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  2. 14SDG18610002: Elucidation of Receptor-ligand Interactions Necessary to Support Endothelialization of Biomaterials Under Shear

    Elizabeth Ann Lipke



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  3. 12SDG8850011: Circulating SDF-1, Vascular Homeostasis and Atherosclerosis

    Jianzhong Shen



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  4. 13PRE14780078: Engineering a three-dimensional cell culture model of the developing human heart

    Petra Kerscher



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  5. 0825370E: Regulation of Adiponectin Secretion by Niacin

    Eric P Plaisance



    Program type: Postdoctoral Fellowship