Brown University

City Providence
State Rhode Island
  1. 19TPA34910085: Bioelectric Sutures for Electrical Integration of Engineered Cardiac Tissue in the Heart

    Kareen Louise Kreutziger COULOMBE



    Program type: Transformational Project Award

  2. 18PRE34060015: Poor Sleep Quality Among Hispanic Children: Formative Research with Working Hispanic Parents to Develop an Intervention

    Augustine Wee Cheng Kang



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  3. 17UNPG33750001: Uncovering patterns of gene-diet interaction for cardiometabolic health

    Simin Liu



    Program type: Institute - Uncovering New Patterns Grant

  4. 17IFUNP33730001: Genetic Architecture of Physical Activity and Its Relation with Cardio-metabolic Health in Multiethnic Populations

    Xiaochen Lin



    Program type: Institute - Uncovering New Patterns Fellowship

  5. 14SDG18350021: Single Nucleotide Genome Modifications in Oocytes

    Mamiko Yajima



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  6. 15PRE25250019: A novel inhibitory role of microRNA-1 in cardiac fibroblast activation

    Nedyalka Valkov



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  7. 15CVGPS23670000: Integrative Genomics of Gene-Diet Interactions in Vascular Outcomes across Ethnicities

    Simin Liu



    Program type: Institute - Pathway Grant

  8. 12SDG8870002: A conserved regulatory mechanism of PP2A activity in developmental signalings

    Ying Su



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  9. 13PRE16270004: Patterns of pharmacotherapy use in children with Familial Hypercholesterolemia: A real-world assessment

    nina joyce



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  10. 13POST16860031: Mechanisms Regulating Pulmonary Endothelial Barrier Function Through VE-Cadherin Trafficking

    Havovi Chichger



    Program type: Postdoctoral Fellowship

  11. 09PRE2170075: Pressure Overload Hypertrophy in RGS2 Transgenic Mice

    Cindy E. Park



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship