Chapman University

City Orange
State California
  1. 19IPLOI34730020: Aneurysm and Nanoparticles

    Surya Nauli



    Program type: Innovative Project Award

  2. 18AIREA33960394: Psychosocial Resources in Childhood that Protect against Cardiovascular Risk in Adulthood: The 1958 Birth Cohort Study

    Julia Kate Boehm



    Program type: AHA Institutional Research Enhancement Award (AIRE

  3. 16SDG30680003: Role of interleukin-15 in reversing obesity-induced cardiovascular dysfunction

    Marcia Jeanine Abbott



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant

  4. 13SDG16150007: Molecular overlap in the regulation of SK channels by small molecules and phosphoinositides

    Miao Zhang



    Program type: Scientist Development Grant