Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo

City Amarillo
State Texas
  1. 14BGIA20380826: Role of metalloendopeptidase neurolysin in post-ischemic brain recovery

    Vardan Tiaran Karamyan



    Program type: Beginning Grant-in-Aid

  2. 15PRE22480014: Role of Nrf2 in Pathophysiology of Cerebral Stroke Following Tobacco Smoke Exposure

    Pooja S Naik



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  3. 13PRE17030004: Stealth Delivery System for Targeted and Triggered Release of Tissue Plasminogen Activators

    Shahriar Absar



    Program type: Predoctoral Fellowship

  4. 10GRNT3890049: Protection of Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity after Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

    Ulrich Bickel



    Program type: Grant-in-Aid