Neurogranin regulates eNOS function and endothelial activation

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  • Vino T. Cheriyan
  • Mabruka Alfaidi
  • Ashton N. Jorgensen
  • Md Ashiqul Alam
  • Chowdhury S. Abdullah
  • Gopi K. Kolluru
  • Md Shenuarin Bhuiyan
  • Christopher G. Kevil
  • A. Wayne Orr
  • Hyung W. Nam

External Institution(s)

  • LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport


Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number101487
JournalRedox Biology
StatusPublished - Jul 2020


Endothelial nitric oxide (NO) is a critical mediator of vascular function and vascular remodeling. NO is produced by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), which is activated by calcium (Ca2+)-dependent and Ca2+-independent pathways. Here, we report that neurogranin (Ng), which regulates Ca2+-calmodulin (CaM) signaling in the brain, is uniquely expressed in endothelial cells (EC) of human and mouse vasculature, and is also required for eNOS regulation. To test the role of Ng in eNOS activation, Ng knockdown in human aortic endothelial cells (HAEC) was performed using Ng SiRNA along with Ng knockout (Ng −/−) in mice. Depletion of Ng expression decreased eNOS activity in HAEC and NO production in mice. We show that Ng expression was decreased by short-term laminar flow and long-them oscillating flow shear stress, and that Ng siRNA with shear stress decreased eNOS expression as well as eNOS phosphorylation at S1177. We further reveled that lack of Ng expression decreases both AKT-dependent eNOS phosphorylation, NF-κB-mediated eNOS expression, and promotes endothelial activation. Our findings also indicate that Ng modulates Ca2+-dependent calcineurin (CaN) activity, which suppresses Ca2+-independent AKT-dependent eNOS signaling. Moreover, deletion of Ng in mice also reduced eNOS activity and caused endothelial dysfunction in flow-mediated dilation experiments. Our results demonstrate that Ng plays a crucial role in Ca2+-CaM-dependent eNOS regulation and contributes to vascular remodeling, which is important for the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease.

    Research areas

  • Endothelial dysfunction, Flow-mediated dilation, Neurogranin, Nitric oxide, Oxidative stress, Shear stress

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Cheriyan, V. T., Alfaidi, M., Jorgensen, A. N., Alam, M. A., Abdullah, C. S., Kolluru, G. K., ... Nam, H. W. (2020). Neurogranin regulates eNOS function and endothelial activation. Redox Biology, 34, [101487].


Cheriyan, VT, Alfaidi, M, Jorgensen, AN, Alam, MA, Abdullah, CS, Kolluru, GK, Bhuiyan, MS, Kevil, CG, Orr, AW & Nam, HW 2020, 'Neurogranin regulates eNOS function and endothelial activation', Redox Biology, vol. 34, 101487.